Kathleen Cameron – Australia



Kathleen Cameron – Brisbane (Australia)

Multi media artist-photographer and manager

Primarily a digital artist and designer, she enjoys creating posters and prints from an eclectic variety of inspirations ranging from the sweet and serene to the devilish. She likes to look for an awkward perspective to present my ideas.

Recently She has been experimenting with sound design and digital video to further the scope of the presentation of her conceptual visions.

For the most part, her career has consisted of many creative roles including events management, media and publicity, community arts, advertising, marketing and graphic design. These roles span areas such as government, film and television, performance, education, printing, publishing and web. She freelances in anything that comes her way of fancy and is an advocate for participation in her community.

She aspires to inspire a positive force for social conscience and responsibility through creating a vision of awareness, spiritually and conceptually.

She is Director at KC Creativity, to stimulate the Arts sector to find and create opportunities for artists in Australia and abroad. Small events and artist management are areas Kc Creativity is proud to have experience with and a deep desire to expand activities further into this area.